Industrial furniture is an investment and should be seen through the prism of profits or savings they will bring to business. In Poland and other European countries, labour and real estate costs are increasing. This is a trend that is getting deeper and will continue to grow as the economy and society grows richer. Already in many industries these are significant components of total production costs, in some even exceeding the costs of raw materials. Reducing these costs therefore brings significant savings, and in many industries – especially those where there is a lot of price competition – even seemingly small differences in the break-even point can give market advantages and translate into further contracts.


Furniture from the REECO offer responds to these trends by improving organization and reducing the space needed for workstations. The solutions are modular in nature, which means that they can be easily configured and adapted to almost any industry and type of business. This allows you to place your work tools and components within easy reach of your employees.

This is achieved by the wide range of available shelves, bins, panels and mounting brackets designed to be used in the widest possible range of situations. This allows the employee to perform his or her tasks faster, without wasting time looking for things and moving around. This increases the efficiency of his or her work and reduces the risk of accidents related, for example, to his or her sudden movements with a load.

The risk of occupational diseases associated with spinal degeneration is also minimised with electrically adjustable table tops. This allows for a frequent change of working position from sitting to standing, which is recommended and has been a standard of health and safety in highly developed countries for a long time. The introduction of appropriate ergonomic solutions therefore makes it possible both to reduce the number of necessary workstations by increasing work efficiency and to reduce direct and indirect costs resulting from accidents at work.

Furniture, and especially anti-static table-based workstations, have a vertical structure. This means that their construction, based on a load-bearing frame and placed above the table top and in front of the worker, makes it possible to place within its range all the equipment and tools that would normally occupy a place next to the worker.

This allows for a significant reduction in the space needed for a single workstation and, on an enterprise-wide scale, often reduces the required size of production halls and the associated costs in the order of 50-60%.


What kind of appliances and equipment a particular company will invest in is strongly dependent on its policy and how widely it looks at its current and future situation. In the field of industrial furniture, some customers have had negative experiences with making workstations for their own needs either on their own or by outsourcing to craftsmen/sub-contractors. This approach, due to its small scale, involves much higher raw material costs, as well as the costs of purchasing the right tools or time spent on developing the right know-how.

In practice, even if there are some initial savings, when all costs are taken into account, they become negligible. The furniture produced in this way is also – by its very nature – burdened with problems that will become apparent over time. Any attempt to expand or reconfigure the organization of a workplace or workstations will involve going through the entire process of designing and manufacturing the workplace or its new elements from the beginning. REECO furniture is based on 25 years of experience of the manufacturer in this industry, knowledge of what solutions work in the long run and with which customers are satisfied.

The key here is modularity and maintaining a consistent high standard, as well as production repeatability and compatibility over the years.

This allows our customers to invest only in the elements they currently need, knowing that if there is a need to modify the line they can dismantle their existing constructions and add new ones at any time. Full availability of products to the customer – of the order of 100% of standard elements in stock is a key element of the manufacturer’s policy. This allows great comfort for customers who can react to the needs of their production lines even overnight and distinguishes RENEX Group manufacturer from imported solutions. At the same time, thanks to the potential of the domestic manufacturer, with the appropriate technological background and experience, it is possible to manufacture customized elements, yet compatible with standard REECO modules, in a short period of time.


The quality of REECO system components is largely due to the raw materials used. This furniture is made of steel. 

This by the very nature of the material makes them much more durable and less susceptible to deformation than alternative aluminium solutions. The protective and antistatic coating or antibacterial layers, which in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, arouse great interest among entrepreneurs looking for solutions to minimize the epidemiological risk, are also very important.

This applies especially to plants operating around the clock, where employees of successive shifts sit on the same work stations. Furniture production is equipped with the same system of preparation and surface protection as used for manufacturing elements in the aviation industry. This allows them to be used without additional painting for up to 30 years. Furniture is a specialist product designed to be used in EPA zones where electrostatic sensitive electronics are produced. For this reason they are all covered with world-class antistatic coatings. The electronics manufacturing and repair industry is very aware of the importance of using high-end ESD protection.