The RENEX Group has just announced that it is expanding its training programs for apprentices –
students and graduates of technical schools.

The RENEX Group is one of the largest Polish companies in the electronics industry. The Group specializes in developing new technologies for automation and robotization of production processes. It is a partner of such global brands as YAMAHA, JBC, IPC, PACE, HELLER, INDIUM, SEC and HG-TECH.

The internship can take place in the area of RENEX activity chosen by the applicant, although, as Group representatives emphasize, its specialists will also provide assistance in this matter. Areas such as robotics, production process automation, or electronic package assembly are available for applicants.

Many people who started cooperation with us as apprenticeships, often looking for their professional path and developing their skills, now work in our Group and hold high managerial and executive positions. Moreover, due to the fact that our structures are developing rapidly – in many departments – in many different specializations – very interesting job offers have appeared recently. So you can see that the career path in our company is wide open. – commented Ms Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr Predrag Topić.

Within the RENEX Group structures, a RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER has been established, where state-of-the-art technologies are developed and training is conducted, including robotics and production process automation. Among others, the Centre has developed a series of REECO robots awarded with the emblem TERAZ POLSKA.

The RENEX Group also includes the RENEX EEC brand, which forms the longest operating and the largest AUTHORIZED IPC TRAINING CENTER in Central and Eastern Europe, which offers training for electronics engineers and has so far trained over 30,000 specialists.


Since 1989, the company has evolved from a supply business to its current extensive structure, which consists of a number of companies in Poland and a network of foreign branches. Today the RENEX Group consists of entities specializing in production, consultancy, sales and training.

The Group has established the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, where new technologies in the field of robot automation are developed, and where presentations and tests of the offered equipment and technological lines are conducted in action. As part of the YAMAHA TRAINING CENTER and the largest IPC Authorized Training Center in Central and Eastern Europe, the Group provides a wide range of individualized training courses on robot operation and programming, as well as on IPC electronics manufacturing and repair standards.

Under its REECO brand, the Group has developed, produces and supplies, among other things, static protective furniture and clothing. These products are also used outside the electronic industry, for example in the laboratory or pharmacological field. REECO’s products have been awarded with prestigious prizes, such as the Good Design in the category of Work.

As part of its R&D activities, the company has also developed a line of REECO Robots, which has been awarded the TERAZ POLSKA emblem. These devices enable automation of industrial soldering, dispensing, labelling, and other processes resulting from individual customer needs.

Under its second brand, CLEANROOM, the Group builds and services cleanrooms widely used in the medical and laboratory industries.

Distribution is an important element of the RENEX Group’s activity. As a partner of such global brands as YAMAHA, SEC, JBC, PACE, INDIUM and HELLER, the Group provides a full range of tools and equipment for the electronics industry.

All this makes RENEX the only company on the Polish market offering its customers comprehensive service in the field of production and maintenance of electronic devices. Despite its huge development and over 150 employees, RENEX remains a family company.

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