CLEANROOM, a member of RENEX Group, has developed and delivered pass boxes for hazardous materials to Oncology Department of Stanislaw Leszczynski Hospital in Katowice. The implementation included the design, manufacture and installation of four active pass boxes.  

Feeder windows are pieces of infrastructure that allow items to be transferred between demarcated zones with different levels of cleanliness.

For the purposes of the hospital, a so-called active-pressure version of the device was developed, i.e. one that was connected to the supply and exhaust system functioning in the building.

The pressure difference achieved in the device’s pass chamber in relation to adjacent rooms allowed for the reduction to a minimum of the possibility of penetration of particles between them.

For many years, the RENEX Group has been supplying cleanroom technology solutions to hospitals, institutes and facilities requiring special cleanliness procedures.

We welcome projects like this. Our experience in creating and servicing clean rooms can now be used to reduce the risk of infection in particularly vulnerable areas such as hospitals, public buildings and businesses. –
commented Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić – owners of the RENEX Group.

In addition to developing proprietary solutions, the RENEX Group also supplies finished equipment and infrastructure elements to subcontractors carrying out construction projects, also in connection with the ongoing pandemic. Thanks to a very high inventory in Poland, the Group delivers almost all the basic products from its offer within 7 days. Its extensive machine park and team of specialists also allow for the implementation of non-standard orders requiring dedicated projects.

The off-the-shelf offerings include:

One-person sluice airshower CR-GAS-004 (1000x1400x2200mm) with filters (pre-filter and HEPA filter) and automatic air supply from 12 nozzles (23-25 m/s).

Passive pass boxes equipped with a cross safety device, i.e. one that allows only one door to be opened at a time.

Active pass boxes. Available in pressure version – connected to the supply and exhaust system functioning in the building and in laminar version – i.e. equipped with pre-filters and HEPA filters working on the basis of closed air circulation.

Fan filter units for uniform supply of filtered air. Available as ready-to-use units for mounting in ceiling frames or as laminar flow cabinets, i.e. units consisting of a workbench and a filter-filter module located above it.

Cleanboxes are universal and mobile clean rooms with approximate internal dimensions of 2000×2500 mm or 2500×2500 mm at 2200 mm height. These modules are equipped with an integrated air filtration system and are the most versatile and fastest solution to the problem of building high purity zones.

The above mentioned equipment and products constitute only a small part of the offer of RENEX Group – CLEANROOM. The Group also provides industrial furniture and specialised clothing of its own production as well as products to individual order.

These and other products from the RENEX Group offer can be tested in action in the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTRE in Włocławek. The specialists working in the Centre also provide training and advisory support. 
If you are interested, please contact RENEX Technical and Sales Consultants –